Masterclass: How to Say No With Love

The 3 Gates Method of Decision Making

It’s easy to over-extend yourself when you care about many people, events and causes.

Guilt or obligation can compel us to take on more than we can juggle. Yet over-commitment can be a stressful and exhausting cycle!

In this interactive online session, we’ll explore the life-changing practice of “saying no with absolute love”!

You will learn:

Module 1:  6 disempowering beliefs that make it hard to give or receive a “NO”.

Module 2:  6 healing internal shifts to empower your NO so you can honor yourself and others better!

Module 3:  My “3 Gates Method” to make decisions with more clarity & confidence!  This will help you recognize your boundaries more clearly with different people and situations.

We’ll look at where in your life these beliefs and practices could be applied first.

Having these key skills will save you from BURNOUT yet retain your joy, energy and compassion!

What's included?

6 Videos
3 PDFs
Little Woo
Little Woo
Founder & Spiritual Mentor

About the instructor

Little Woo helps people create meaning and beauty by developing their Higher Purpose - what she calls your "Sacred Dream". Since 2005, she’s worked with people from Canada, USA, Europe, Central America, China and India in private sessions and workshops. Check out her podcast "The Magic of Compassion" and take a journey of self-discovery at

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