The Magical Sabbatical

Making Time For Yourself

What's In This Online Course:

Module 1: The Nature of Time (video & transcript)

Module 2: Why We Have Trouble Making Time (video & transcript)

Module 3:
Ten Types of Sabbaticals (video & transcript)

Module 4:
How to Prepare for a Sabbatical (video & transcript)

Bonus: Practical Tips (pdf)

Thee Magical Sabbatical (contains entire course content)

Ebook: Six Real Life Sabbaticals (contains all case studies)

6 Audio interviews: Six Real Life Sabbaticals (plus transcripts!)

Printable: Magical Sabbatical To-Do List

Missions for each module

What's included?

4 Videos
1 Text
18 PDFs
6 Audios
Little Woo
Little Woo
Founder & Spiritual Mentor

About the instructor

Little Woo helps people create meaning and beauty by developing their Higher Purpose - what she calls your "Sacred Dream". Since 2005, she’s worked with people from Canada, USA, Europe, Central America, China and India in private sessions and workshops. Check out her podcast "The Magic of Compassion" and take a journey of self-discovery at

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